Monday, July 20, 2009

The Humane society photos are now online!

Just an update. The Photos are now viewable online through the "online ordering" link on the home page or by visiting HERE!. Thanks again for supporting the humane society. Have a great day, Scott

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks to all who came to the Humane society fundraiser.

I just wanted to say thanks to all those that came out to the Utah Humane society fund raiser. We were able to raise like a 1000.00 for the center. It was a great turn out and I went home with an extra family member. Yes, my wife decided that our daughter needed a kitten. So, a little guy was adopted and now "Mittens" is a new member of our house. Again thank you all and additional pictures from the event will be posted in the Online ordering category on Monday the 20th. Deseret News stopped by too and wrote a small bit on the event. Here is the link. Take care everybody, Scott

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Fundraiser program for

I have decided that 50% of all of my website stock photography sales will be forwarded to World Vision. They are a non profit organization that fights against poverty and disease in third world countries around the globe. It does seem that times are hard and the economy is not great but it is in these times of hardship that those without anything are hit the worst. There are over 600 million children living at an extreme poverty level and we need to help. So that is what I have decided. Please check out their website if you feel like donating. They are very reputable and you can be reassured that your donation goes to those in need and not lost into misappropriated funds. Also check out this video, it will shed some light on the reality blocked out by our own world of living.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A reminder on the Humane society Fundraiser

Just a reminder that a week from Tomorrow, July 13th is the Doggy Day fund raiser at the Humane society in Murray. An excellent opportunity to donate to a non profit organization and walk away with an amazing 8x10 portrait of your doggy! Go to to read all the details on the event. I hope to see you there! Take care, Scott

The July 4th event

Hello everybody! I just wanted to thank all of you that came out to the booth and visited during the July 4th event at the Layton park. It was a good turnout and I enjoyed talking with everyone. I loved to hear everyones feedback on my stock photography. I will be getting the majority of it listed in my online ordering categories so it can be purchased through the website as well. Thanks and have a great day!