Saturday, March 7, 2009


I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Ruffledales, TeAnna. What a great person! And her business is a shining example of her personality and love for animals. I walked into Ruffledales to speak with her about hanging some images in her store and felt like I was walking into one of C.M. Coolidges oil paintings. You know the ones where the dogs are hanging out playing poker and stuff? Ruffledales dogs weren't playing poker, but they were kicking it on some leather sofas and a tile coffee table. It was quite an amazing scene. Anyway, if you love to spoil your dog that is the place to do it. They are treated like royalty there and that is about the best you can expect for your furry friends. Also they now have some AMAZING images hanging on their walls as well so check them out while you are there pampering your dog. Also, if you don't do business there and are thinking of trying it out, Go in and ask for one of my Photobox cards. If you receive one from Ruffledales and bring it in for your pets portrait you will get a 20 dollar gift card to Ruffledales! Awesome, right? So get over there and pamper your dog. Get them in a great mood and I will be waiting with my camera to photograph them smiling once they leave Ruffledales groomed and shining! Talk to ya later, Scott