Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spring and Summer are finally here all rolled into one!

Well we are on the back end of spring and quickly rolling into summer. I am excited to announce that there will be a doggy day event being held at the Humane society in Murray, Utah on July 13th. This would be a great opportunity for any one with a dog that wants a portrait to get one for a steal. All you need to do is donate 25 dollars to the Utah humane society on July 13th and you will get a free shoot and free 8x10 of your dog free of charge. It will be right there on the spot that day, the shoot and the photo will be done at their building. This is a fundraiser to help support the humane society in its future endeavors. When the economy falls apart like it has the first places to get hit hard are the non profit organizations. That is why I have volunteered to spend a day of my time raising money for them to help them out. I am expecting a huge turn out as there are going to be a few press releases on the event as well and slots are limited. So if you are interested please contact Carrie Glavin at the humane society to ask her about the details. It should be posted on their website soon. I hope to see you and your doggy there. Take care, Scott